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What They Asked Me: The Fear of Living and Dying Young - Amazon

What They Asked Me 1 The Fear of Living and Dying Young 1 About the Author 3 Contents 4 Illustrations 5 Introduction 7 Questions & Answers 10 Happiness 12 Knowledge Seeking 20 Self-Realisation 41 Life Advice 50 Success 67 Philosophy 73 Psychology 77 Motivation 93 Mind 109 Finance 118 History 120 Religion 124 Summary 138

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The Hidden Secret of Quotes - Amazon

The book is composed of 222 quotes by Mwanandeke Kindembo. It's a summary of all his previous books, but you will be met with other quotes that are not online. In short, he explained every quote in great details. He did justice in explaining every quote, by assigning one page to each quote. Thus, clearing all the misunderstandings based upon his quotes.

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Treatise Upon The Misconceptions of Narcissism - Amazon

We can be met with narcissistic behaviours in our parents, relationships, marriages, leaders, schools, societies and even in ourselves. It is much easier for human beings to always find faults in others, rather than to examine and correct our mistakes. Thus, this treatise is a guide to find out the methods that you can apply to escape and protect yourself... 

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Resistance To Intolerance - Amazon

The author, Mwanandeke, has presented the reader with his most troubling and yet, appealing arguments on the topics of religion and science. As these arguments were not meant to offend anyone, nor discredit any religious belief out there, the author has decided to act as a mediator. Hence, he reveals to the reader that which we have been misinterpreting in our daily lives. 

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What They Asked Me - Google Play Books

Mwanandeke is offering readers the opportunity to read the free sample of the book, before you get to buy your own copy or eBook version. You will be able to preview 20% of the book and get the overall idea of what you are going to expect before buying. The author focused on answering some crucial questions asked by different people. These answers are his own opinions based upon what he experienced in life. In other words, “feel think” instead of “think feel”.

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Treatise on Misconceptions of Narcissism - Google Play Books

As the title suggests, this treatise deals with the emotional side of the human being rather than the intellectual. The author focused on demonstrating several scenarios of narcissistic behaviours in our societies, or in our daily lives. It is without doubt that, we often come in contact with the people who have been the victims of narcissists. This small treatise examined the narcissistic characteristics in great details. 

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The Hidden Secret of Quotes- Google Play Books

 The reader will be met with some quotes on politics, philosophy, love, motivation, success, science, attraction and even religious ones. Showing how the author is not limiting himself when it comes on learning new concepts. His humanity side can be easily seen in the very opening quote:

“People are beautifully made just like flowers in the garden!”

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