Have you applied knowledge from Quora in your real life?

  • The shortest answer is YES.

Since we can’t praise the sweetness of a fruit before praising the tree first — I will say that I got my motivation to become an author through Quora, when I joined the platform in 2017. However, I believe that I have to give more credit to the people on Quora, rather than the platform itself. Meaning the Quora admins and mods.

I didn’t write my first book in the same year as I joined — Simply, because I was still in university. Busy with assessments and trying to complete my four years of engineering. That’s another story for sleepless nights.

It was only in 2019, that I wrote my first book on self-help section — The journey from an introvert to almost becoming a full blown extrovert. I tend to be in middle, or what most of the people refer to as ambivert. But I still consider myself as an adventurous person. Meaning that I am an extrovert now, after going through that beautiful experience on Quora. Taking the confidence to answer question such as this one and expressing myself to the world, perhaps, to the whole universe.

Finally, I’m now an author, in my own right and opinion, of self-help books — I have written six books, from 2019–2022. Five of which are based on self-help and the latest one is on general politics. Or, simply political science.

BOTTOM LINE: I now have a Google knowledge panel, that’s not any lesser attractive and appealing than the so-called famous people; or role models out there. That’s the power of effective-communication. Exploring one’s talents and skills.

Google Panel Search – Mwanandeke Kindembo

These are the kinds of opportunities that my fellow introverts are missing out in life. Quora is the place to express oneself and not trying to impress everyone. Take care!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mwanandeke Kindembo, born November 11, 1996, Baraka, Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a Congolese author of self-help books.

MwanaKin is a business name that represents the author Mwanandeke Kindembo.

Mwanandeke is an engineer by profession, philosopher and social critic by necessity, and entrepreneur by choice.

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