Famous 43 Quotes | By Mwanandeke Kindembo

Everyone want to define love, but no one wish to practice it.

Knowledge is a desire that comes after acquiring power. The first type of desire is love, then wealth, health, power and knowledge.

Since no one wishes to become a weakling in the first place, it would make sense to turn to self-defence.

A genius is born whenever he proves many facts wrong.

A prophet is nothing without a new revelation.

A society where emotions come last and selfishness is considered blessed, or placed first before anything; cannot be expected to produce good fruits!

Adulthood is within the mind and not in age.

All the holy scriptures are useless without people having faith into their hearts.

All the inspirations comes from God. Where did the devil gets his inspiration to disobey the command of his Creator?

As a realist, you must give me the watch and not the time.

Change is good only when you know yourself.

Confidence is similar to luck. You can’t hold it forever at your service!

Criticism is directly proportional to success. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to wish for success without tasting the former attribute.

Death is our best motivator in life. The idea of dying or not seeing the sun tomorrow will keep you up on your toes.

Depending on what you believe in life, you are capable of achieving anything without changing your body somehow.

Destiny is smiling at the people who are going to become successful, but are still struggling in the present moment.

Don’t be shy to love once again. Because everyone is immature when it comes to love.

Don’t be so poor to the point that you can’t afford to pay attention.

Don’t use the same mouth to lie and pray to God at the same time.

Education is the key; only when you’ve got the MASTER key to unlock all the locks!

Education is the result of self-learning, being taught by one or more people. Learning is the key word here. Schools, colleges and universities only divide you into CLASSES according to your level of understanding.

Every free thing has an invisible cost attached to it.

Every prayer is a need or a lack of something. That’s why the rich man doesn’t ask for food, but for good health throughout the year.

Genius is only gifted to the few who are ready to go beyond their comfort-zones. Those who are not satisfied only with the theoretical ideologies.

God should be welcomed in the heart and not in the act of worship alone.

I understand that you are claiming it is almost impossible to forgive, but only easier to forget. The truth is that, you can only forgive that which you have forced your mind to forget. We must forget first, then forgiveness will come by itself.

Self-realisation is the highest knowledge you can ever seek into your life—The rest are simply facts.

Some people imagine that death is the only destination of life.

The dictionary is the only book that’s not required to reference anybody.

The majority of the people do not seem to agree upon one single law that can be used with less effort in attracting the ideal life partner to us.

The only difference between a human and an animal is in having inspiration.

To me justice doesn’t mean looking for the criminals. It means looking for the innocent.

Use the power of your mind. But don’t let your imagination dominate your ambitions.

Wine will make you whine all the day long.

You can accept to lose everything in life, but not courage and time.

You will simply be wasting your energy by putting too much emphasis on the improvement of the body, while leaving the mind idle — leaving it to rot.

A capitalist regime is more likely to produce these narcissistic behaviours in its citizens compared to a socialist country.

A genius is someone who sees the big picture of everything presented before them—They can predict how it’s going to turn out in the end and what steps have to be taken to make it so.

A genius separates himself from things which are not useful nor beneficial. While you are eager to try new technologies—A genius is thinking about how to invent something totally different that will be used by all.

A leaf carried away with the stream of water, it can crash along the way, or go on to the darkest parts of the unknown ocean.

A musician is similar to someone who wrote a letter to the loved one. Then decided to read it out loud instead of sending it.

Actions can easily reveal the truth about the person, but also remember not to ignore the words.

Adaptiveness is the shortest road to happiness. Get used to everything around you.

– Mwanandeke Kindembo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mwanandeke Kindembo, born November 11, 1996, Baraka, Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a Congolese author of self-help books.

MwanaKin is a business name that represents the author Mwanandeke Kindembo.

Mwanandeke is an engineer by profession, philosopher and social critic by necessity, and entrepreneur by choice.

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